Perioperative Medicine for surgical patients – using science, coordinating care, achieving the best results.


2/3rds of surgical patients have modifiable conditions. Costly complications result when they are not fully addressed.


PeriOptions’ Clinicians coordinate the patient’s healthcare to identify and manage modifiable conditions, improving overall health before, during and after surgery.

Its evidence-based care pathways minimize surgical complications, hospital stays, ICU reliance and readmissions.


Post-op medical complications cause a cascade of interventions.
An additional $8K to $40K per case results.


PeriOptions Clinicians optimize comorbidities and prompt smart lifestyle choices.

The result—fewer complications, shorter hospital stays, less ICU use, readmission-avoidance, and efficient post-acute care disposition. It’s not just the patients who suffer when issues arise!


The average person undergoes 9.2 procedures in their lifetime. Most complications are due to avoidable medical complications.


PeriOptions Clinicians get you in tip-top shape for surgery by coordinating and managing your care and serving as your guide.

A safer, complication-free experience with a smooth recovery aren’t the only benefits… return to life, work and home sooner!

Reduced complications

What is Perioperative Care?

Getting ready for surgery is just like training for a marathon. The very best results are not by luck. They come after carefully timed preparation, support from friends and heeding the advice of coaches.

Your friend and coach throughout the surgical experience, PeriOperative Clinicians expertly evaluate your readiness for surgery and helps you get in the best shape possible. It does this by convening and coordinating tests that lead to best-of treatment plans including impactful lifestyle choices.

Patients do better and are happier—not just because they develop fewer complications—but also because they’re back to daily routines sooner.

Hospitals notice happier patients and satisfied surgeons. They also will see less reliance on ICU and other expensive diagnostic and therapeutic interventions leading to better DRG performance, and improved CMS Incentives payments. Surgery Centers can undertake a broader set of surgeries on patients whose medical conditions would have otherwise led to a hospital OR.

Payors favor the highly integrated, coordinated, and navigated care that preempts costly complications that needlessly siphons away resources and takes away from clinical and financial performance,

Who are PeriOptions?

We are a team of practitioners and industry experts from Harvard, UCLA and Duke working together to improve surgical processes and experiences in more than 40 hospitals across 20 states.

It is through our own research and our relationships with industry leaders, such as Northstar and Somnia, that we strive to provide the best possible service for the benefit of patients, facilities and payors alike.

Fresh from the podium

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