Perioperative Medicine
for Surgical Patients

Using science, coordinating care, achieving the best results.

For Hospitals, ASCs
and Other Healthcare Facilities

Enhance revenue and reduce expenses
with coordinated Perioperative patient care.

For Payors & Employers

Focused perioperative care coordination
to reduce surgical costs.

For Surgical Patients

Return to everyday life sooner after your surgery
with a coordinated approach to surgical care.

What is Perioperative Medicine ?

Getting ready for surgery is just like training for a marathon. The best results come after dedicated and carefully timed preparation, support from friends and heeding the advice of coaches.

Along with the Surgeon, Perioperative Care Clinicians are coaches throughout the surgical journey. They expertly evaluate patient readiness for surgery and provide guidance and management to be in the best shape possible for the upcoming stress of surgery on your body.

Preparing for surgery should occur as soon as surgery is declared. It includes an understanding of medical history, an examination, and selected tests to enable best treatment plans including impactful lifestyle choices.

The Perioperative Journey

Perioperative Care By The Numbers

Perioperative Care leads to better results, safer surgery and enhanced value.



90% of providers don’t appropriately document pre-surgery medical risk.



Post-op complications can add an additional $8k-$40k cost per case.



60% of patients have modifiable conditions. The average person undergoes 9.2 surgical procedures in their lifetime.

Optimizing Perioperative Care Leads To Safer Surgery



  • Care Efficiency
  • Patient Safety
  • Patient Satisfaction


  • Length of Stay
  • Stay in ICU
  • Readmissions


  • Care Coordination
  • Well-being
  • Recovery

Why PeriOptions?

Surgical care is a high-cost service with great opportunity for cost savings. Inadequate Perioperative patient care coordination, preoperative disease management and lifestyle modification can contribute to avoidable and expensive complications. PeriOptions implements and manages Perioperative care services at local clinics. The PeriOptions’ team of experts assess, analyze, and assemble evidence-based action plans to coordinate and manage Perioperative care with local physicians and surgeons.

Everyone Benefits


Facilities see improved DRG payments through improved risk documentation. Surgery Centers can more safely manage patients who may otherwise have been unsuitable candidates.


Payors see better value for performance because of highly integrated, coordinated, and navigated care.


Patients are optimally prepared for surgery, less likely to develop complications and are back to daily routines sooner.