For Surgical Patients

Return to everyday life sooner after your surgery with a coordinated approach to surgical care.

Perioperative Care And You

Our clinicians will assess your health and ensure your readiness for surgery. We will help you best coordinate your pre-surgery care and make recommendations on nutrition supplementation, targeted exercise plans, and adjust your medications as needed.

More Involved. Better Informed.

We will educate and inform you on what to do – and what not to do – so you’re medically ready for surgery and best able to avoid complications related to any underlying medical conditions you have. We will speak with your surgeon along the way about your readiness as well.

The Pathway To Better Patient Health


Assess and Screen

Through our online portal, during a telephone or live chat with one of our affiliated clinicians, we will learn about your readiness for surgery and risk of complications.


Risk Counsel

Based on what we learned during intake and assessment of your pre-existing health conditions and lifestyle factors, we help you with preparation for your surgery and help guide you and your surgeon with the best timing of your surgery.


Provide Shared Decision Making

We will discuss treatment and preparation options with you, your family and your surgeon to best ensure you can choose wisely and have an informed, safe and smooth experience.


Prepare a Care Plan

We use the most up-to-date science to develop a customized, prioritized, and effective plan to get you ready and healthy for your surgery and improve your chances for a smooth recovery.


Deploy Specific Treatment(s) for Optimization

To minimize complications, diagnostic and therapeutic efforts will be tailored to your specific state of health. The goal: to get you in the best shape for your surgery.


Provide Postoperative Transition of Care

We will guide you through your postoperative period back to your primary care physician(s) to prevent readmissions and help you return to life and work sooner.