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Focused perioperative care coordination
to reduce surgical costs.

Avoidable complications and related expenses tethered to untreated modifiable medical conditions before surgery are seldom quantified and often under appreciated. As a result, cost avoidance and better outcomes are forfeited when these modifble conditions are not optimized before surgery.

Optimal acute management of chronic medical conditions, lifestyle choices and nutrition before surgery reduces length of stay, readmissions, complications and cost of care. Invest in PeriOptions today for reduced medical loss ratio tomorrow.


Of surgery patients developed complications while in the hospital.

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Of surgery patients developed complications after they are sent home.

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Of surgical patients experienced preventable events that required hospital readmission.



Of patients scheduled for elective surgery have modifiable medical conditions.

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Why PeriOptions?

We will help your plan enrollees get ready for their surgery and coordinate their pre- and post- operative treatments and transitions of care. Optimizing their health status by assessing, risk stratifying and improving modifiable conditions, overall health, activity levels and nutrition before and after their procedures will reduce waste, inefficiency and help them get back to work and life as soon as possible.

The pathway to better patient health


Assess and Screen

We have reengineered the PeriOperative intake process so that screening and triage for efficient and effective patient readiness before surgery can be achieved to lock in best-of clinical outcomes and lower episode-of-care costs.


Risk Stratify

Pre-surgery detection of modifiable medical conditions and lifestyle factors permits us to prioritize which medical conditions are most important and prompts personalized patient coaching for acceptance of evidence-based care management protocols that lead to best-of clinical, operational and financial outcomes for your enrollees.


Provide Shared Decision Making

We support and guide enrollees through every step of the process to help them make, and reinforce, smart decisions and reduce their concerns.


Prepare a Care Plan

With high-definition awareness of enrollee risk factors we guide optimization protocols that are efficient and effective in reducing complications and lowering episode-of-care costs.


Deploy Specific Treatment(s) for Optimization

Highly driven diagnostic and therapeutic efforts are tailored based on the contemplated surgery, relevant patient-specific medical condition, lifestyle factors, and social supports.


Provide Postoperative Transition of Care

We support and navigate enrollees throughout their post-operative period and get them back to their primary care providers to prevent readmissions and help them get back to work and daily routines sooner.